Marciante Photographic

“I don’t create photos. I create dreams.”

                                                         ∼ Ed Marciante ∼

A career in fashion or beauty modeling doesn’t have to be an impossible dream. At its start in 1835, it existed strictly to sell. Today it reflects a lifestyle, an attitude, and a story of an individuals personality. Unless you live n New York, Paris, or Milan, you will likely need to move there after you sign with an agency. The beginning of a fashion models carrier is a very challenging time. You need to have very strong character. The ones that don’t make it are the ones who don’t see modeling as a real job. To be a model you have to be a bit of an exhibitionist and enjoy being photographed.

Photographer Ed Marciante has the skill and precision to bring out the best in every model the steps in front of his camera. He will find that one spark every model possesses, to make their photographs jump off the page. He captures the essence, and the beauty that the model may not even be aware of in themselves.